Kentucky District Royal Rangers

  Site Map of the Kentucky District Royal Rangers

bullet Home Page--
        Introduction to District Royal Rangers Web Site
bullet 2010 Calendar of Events--
        Events occurring in the year 2008 for the Royal Rangers.
bullet 2011 Calendar of Events--
        Events occurring in the year 2009 for the Royal Rangers.
bullet 2012 Calendar of Events--
        Events occurring in the year 2007 for the Royal Rangers.
        Registration forms, Soap Box Specifications, and various other items that are printable with Acrobat Reader Software.
bulletDistrict Staff--
        Leaders and staff of the Kentucky Royal Rangers.
        Upcoming training for the boys and the leaders of Royal Rangers.
bullet F.C.F.--
        Frontiersman Camping Fellowship.  From days of old.
bullet JLTA--
        Kentucky District Junior Leadership Training Academy
bullet Kentucky District Outposts--
        This page shows the different outposts in Kentucky and their leaders, addresses and phone numbers.
        Various links that are useful to Royal Ranger Leaders.
bullet Pow Wow Patches--
        A word from the District Commander
bullet Prayer Mountain--
        Prayer requests, Devotions, and Praise Reports can be submitted here.
bullet Assembly of God Church websites--
       Websites of churches in Kentucky


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